The following are some frequently asked questions by various customers.

1. Can you match the brick on a home that is over 20 years old? in some cases yes. some older brick types have been discontinued. each project has to be researched. there are methods of staining brick and mortar to match existing.

2. I want to have an addition done to my home; do i have to stick with the traditional color of mortar? no. mortar colors are selected in many cases by the owner or their representative.

3. My home is over 25 years old; will i still be able to find the same kind of brick for my home. in some cases yes but as  in question each project requires research.

4. I have noticed that because my home is very old there is a lot of cracking in the mortar between the bricks. what can be done about that? needs to be evaluated on site to check for the structural integrity so a course of action can be determined.

5. I am adding an addition to my home and want to have an old, rustic, historic look; what can be done to add that look? there are many types of old appearing brick that is available, and we have access to 100 year old brick that can be used in new construction.

6. What are the main differences between natural stone and man-made stone in so far as durability and price? natural stone is very durable but does vary in hardness. since faux uses a concrete base it is also durable, but we have found that it tends to fade over time. if conditions require the use of a thin veneer there are natural thin stone veneers available.

7. What size new stone veneer and stone and brick rehabilitation projects can your company handle? we can and have completed projects in the range of 12,000 to 15,000 sq. ft.